Our measures against Covid-19. Detail
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Dear our guest, as the GLK PREMIER Group Hotels family our number one priority is the health and safety of our guests, employees and partners. We are closely monitoring the Turkish Ministry of Health ,Turkish Tourism Ministry and World Health Organization’s statements regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and following their guidelines closely.

As the GLK PREMIER Hotels since our inception, we have always taken the cleanliness and hygiene standards of our facilities of the utmost importance. Since the appearance of the COVID-19 virus, we have taken additional measures recommended by local and international authorities and experts. On a daily basis, our hotels are working to ensure that they meet the latest guidance on hygiene and cleaning.

Necessary information and trainings were provided to our hotel staff and to our entire team. Our staff undergo a general health screening before starting work and measurement of fever with digital thermometers.

Staff uniforms are washed daily by changing and our personnel undergo disinfection before starting work. Personnel uniforms are washed daily at 75 ° C and hygiene quality is increased with daily uniform changes.

There are posters and brochures on pandemic and hygiene in the personnel and guest common areas, and a safe physical distance rule is applied in these areas.

The fever measurement is applied to our guests by means of contactless fever meters at the entrance of the facility, and the guest is helped to apply to a nearest health institution for fever measurements higher than 38 degrees. Our guests are asked to wear masks in the hotel, except for eating and drinking activities.

In our facility, cleaning and disinfection processes in our rooms and general areas have been increased. All points where our guests are in contact are disinfected in detail. Hand sanitizer stations have been added to the entrance, floors and general areas of our facility. Seating groups in all common areas and public spaces have been rearranged taking into account the social distance rule.

All rooms and general areas of our hotel are also disinfected after cleaning, by placing more emphasis on the surfaces that are touched by hands, by using the products of international cleaning brands. All our textile products are cleaned at least 90 degrees and are free of germs. Our staff and administrators working in room cleaning work with masks and disposable gloves.

Our open buffet breakfast service at the restaurant has been terminated and our breakfast service is prepared by the service staff as a continental breakfast. The beverage service is prepared and served by the staff in charge according to the guest's request. While all food services are prepared, they are prepared by the personnel and cooks who wear special bones, gloves and masks. Common items such as glasses and plates are washed with dishwashers after each use and stored in a clean environment until use. General cleaning of Food & Beverage places, tables, chairs, benches, kiosks and all other materials will be cleaned properly at the beginning and end of the service and disinfection will be carried out.

Periodic maintenance and sterilization of Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems are carried out on time by authorized services.

Units such as Turkish bath, sauna, massage units, gymnasium will not be put into service within the framework of COVID-19 precautions, but if it is deemed appropriate to be opened by our Ministry, a reservation system is applied to ensure safe use, the number and duration of the people who will use it at the same time are limited. areas and equipment will be cleaned.

As GLK PREMIER Group Hotels, we wish you and your relatives healthy days and we will be happy to welcome you with our experienced team.